Now available at an introductory price of $199.

Extremely Fast Gigabit WiFi.

Easy Home Automation.

Exquisitely Designed.

Easily automate your home with our Gigabit WiFi Router.

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Blazingly Fast Dual-Band WiFi.

With the latest wireless ac technology, Almond+ is up to 4 times faster than your typical Wireless N Router.

It has enough power to cover a 5,000 square foot home.

Its dual band coverage is perfect for on-line gaming and simultaneous HD video streams.

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Powerful Smarthome Hub.

Almond+ can bring convenience & peace of mind to your day to day life.

Using the Almond+’s smartphone app, you can set your home thermostat before you leave the office. You can control the lights and ensure your home’s security. The possibilities are endless.

With ZigBee and Z-Wave support right out of the box, the Almond+ supports hundreds of existing sensors and devices in the market.

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One-Box to do it all.

We don’t like to boast, but this level of integration is just unprecedented in a router.

Today period we have one remote for our TV, one for the DVD player, one for IP media player and another for the set top box. Do we want the same mess of controller boxes to make our homes smart?

In a sensible world, the smart home controller would be built into the router itself. That is exactly what we did with Almond+.

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Future Proof Specifications.

Many new mobile devices already support the 802.11ac standard and these devices are seeing great benefits going from speeds of 65Mbps to 433Mbps by switching from 802.11n to 802.11ac.

With Almond+ you will be fully equipped to enjoy the faster speeds that come with these devices. Below are the other key specs.

  • Powerful dual core ARM Cortex-A9 processor
  • Simultaneous dual band AC1750 3×3 MIMO 802.11ac and 802.11n Wi-Fi
  • Integrated ZigBee and Z-Wave support for home automation
  • Gigabit WAN and four Gigabit LAN ports
  • 3.5-inch resistive touch screen for easy setup and control, no PC, tablet or smartphone needed
  • Two USB 3.0 ports

What is 802.11ac?

802.11ac is the latest WiFi standard that provides Gigabit Wireless speeds for the first time. It is also referred to as fifth-generation, 5G WiFi. Its about 4x faster than the current 802.11n standard.

It’s 100% backwards compatible with older 11a/b/g/n devices. All your existing WiFi enabled devices will still work with Almond+

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Exquisite Design.

Almond+ maintains an extremely small footprint inspite of its advanced capabilities.

With detachable stand and innovative recessed downward facing ports, Almond+ is designed to be both table and wall mountable.

No matter how you place it, you can hide those annoying cables thanks to its innovative recessed connectors.

Fun Colors.

And to top it all, we will have 4 exclusive colors just for Kickstarter backers – White, Blue, Green & Red.


Securifi isn’t your average Kickstarter outfit. It already has one Almond wireless touchscreen router under its belt, currently sold at Amazon, and now its about to bid for crowdfunding to build a sequel: the Almond+

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The Almond, a router with a small touch screen that achieved significant success on Amazon thanks to a decent price point and excellent reviews, has a successor from parent company Securifi hitting Kickstarter soon.

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The new router supports the 802.11AC wireless standard, which offers theoretical speeds of more than 1.1 gigabits, as well as gigabit ethernet. That’s about three times the wireless speed of the old Almond router.

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Securifi, the company that delivered the world’s first touch-screen router, Almond, today unveiled Almond+, a color touch-screen router with an integrated Smart Home hub

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DIY home automation systems were everywhere at CES 2013 but none was more compelling than the new Almond+ from Securifi. Securifi started life with the Almond wireless 802.11n router, featuring a small built-in touchscreen for diagnostics and feedback – a handy little product, given the difficulty that most consumers have configuring and troubleshooting routers via the PC.

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[CES 2013] Securifi, the folks behind the world’s first wireless router with a built-in touchscreen, will be showchasing its latest breakthrough at CES 2013 – the Almond+ 802.11ac Wireless Smart Router. Capable of speeds of up to 1,167Mbps, the Almond+ is also a SmartHome hub integrated with Zigbee and Z-Wave technologies.

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802.11ac Touchscreen WiFi Router + Smart home Hub

Almond+ Philips Hue All Colors Demo

Almond+ Philips Hue RGB Demo

See Almond+ Demo at CES 2013