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On screen Setup without needing a PC/Mac.

95% of our customers set it up in 3 minutes.

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  • [tooltip content=” Securifi is trying to take some of the grief out of set up, and it has made a router you might want to keep in plain sight. “][/tooltip]
  • [tooltip content=” A Wireless Router for the Post-PC Era. “] [/tooltip]
  • [tooltip content=” Almond is an excellent solution. It easily acheives its stated goal of simplifying networking setup. “] [/tooltip]
  • [tooltip content=” Almond, gives a fresh face to the old router and it may just change the way users go about setting up their wi-fi connection as well. “] [/tooltip]
  • [tooltip content=”Using a touch screen to set up a Wi-Fi router was, I have to admit, sort of fun. More importantly, the Almond’s set up was quite easy.”] [/tooltip]
  • [tooltip content=” Using Almond will ensure your wireless router is kept out of Google’s Wi-Fi location database, which is a privacy issue for some users. “] [/tooltip]
  • [tooltip content=” Almond is a router that deserves to be displayed, thanks to its subtly curved body and color touchscreen. “] [/tooltip]
  • [tooltip content=” Almond is one of the best innovations of CES 2012 “] [/tooltip]


Just connect your Cable/DSL modem and follow the on screen instructions. Connect up to 50 users at a time. Compatible with older 802.11bg devices.
Prevent Google Street View or other intruders from accessing your wireless data. The UI is a quantum leap over existing routers.


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