Almond 3 - Now with first ever IoT Security solution!


Now with first ever IoT Security solution.

Available on Almond 3 from 23 January 2017 at $3.99/month.

Make sure only you control your home network

With Almond’s IoT security, your internet connected devices will be safe from Mirai-like botnet attacks. Using Machine Learning, Almond can not only detect devices prone to outside hacks but also alert you in case one of your IoT device is behaving suspiciously.

Detect Vulnerable Devices
Almond automatically scans all the devices on your network for vulnerabilities everyday and even let you scan manually anytime with the tap of a button.
Understand the root cause of the vulnerability
Almond’s scanner lets you know the problems with your IoT devices and then a comprehensive help section guides you to fix them.
Instant Notifications
Get notifications about vulnerable and compromised devices directly on the dashboard
Advanced parental controls
Get a snapshot of websites visited by your kids. Almond categorizes websites similar to movies so you can see what type of sites your kids are visiting. Even in incognito mode!
Infected Devices
Detect and block compromised devices on your network before they can harm you or the internet. Almond monitors the outbound traffic of the key popular IoT devices and alerts you in case they get compromised.
Data Usage
Check data consumed by each of your network device since last day, week or month.

Almond will scan all your network devices for vulnerabilities and will monitor the outbound traffic for following popular IoT devices:

1. Airplay Speaker
2. Amazon Dash
3. Amazon Echo
4. August Connect
5. Belkin WeMo
6. Canary
7. D-Link Camera
8. Foscam
9. GE Hub
10. Hikvision
11. Honeywell Hub
12. Nest
13. Osram Lightify
14. Philips Hue
15. Piper
16. Ring Doorbell
17. Samsung Smartthings
18. Sonos
19. Wink
20. Withings

IoT Security will be available on original Almond, Almond 2015 and Almond + starting Feb 28th 2017

  • Almond 3

    Our latest and greatest Smart Home Wi-Fi System covers your home with a thick, fast and reliable Wi-Fi signal. Moonlights as a Smart Home Hub.

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  • Almond+

    Powerful dual band, Wi-Fi router or extender. Use it as a Smart Home Hub to wirelessly communicate with countless smart devices.

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  • Almond2015

    The perfect Wi-Fi router or range extender for reliable Wi-Fi in smaller homes with free app to monitor network.

    $89.99 Add to cart

  • Almond

    Our first, basic Wi-Fi device designed as a Wi-Fi range extender for smaller homes.

    $68.99 Add to cart

  • 3 Minute Touchscreen Setup

  • Dual-Band Gigabit Wi-Fi

  • Home Wi-Fi System

  • Smart Home Hub

  • Wi-Fi Security

  • Built-in Siren

  • Almond Mobile App

  • Universal Compatibility

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