Almond Guard - A New Way to Secure Your Home

Almond Guard - A New Way to Secure Your Home



Securifi Introduces Almond 3 –

The Most Robust Touchscreen Wireless Router and Smart Home Hub To Hit the Market

Features Built-in Programmable Siren, Retails at $119


LAS VEGAS – January 5, 2016Securifi, creator of the world’s first touchscreen wireless router, is today introducing Almond 3, its latest new product. Almond 3 is an all-in-one smart home hub and touchscreen router which combines powerful gigabit WiFi, a built-in ZigBee radio, support for Z-Wave and Bluetooth devices, and a built-in programmable siren for home security. Almond 3 will be showcased during CES 2016 (January 6-9) at Sands Expo, Hall A, Securifi Booth #70434.


“We pride ourselves in delivering the best-in-class smart home automation and router products and have now created the one to rule them all – Almond 3,” said Rammohan Malasani, CEO, Securifi. “Almond 3 is the latest addition to the Securifi suite of products offering a one-of-a-kind router and smart home hub experience. Through a combination of beautifully designed hardware and consistently evolving software updates, Almond 3 will keep delighting users and delivering value for years to come.”


In addition to providing excellent WiFi connectivity and becoming the main hub for a myriad of smart home devices, Almond 3 features the same easy-to-use touchscreen interface Securifi pioneered with the original Almond. Almond 3’s key selling points are:


Speed and flexibility: Almond 3 is four times faster than Almond 2015 and can be used as a router or range extender. With Securifi’s latest software, Almond users can create a seamless mesh network in which multiple Almond routers can seamlessly distribute a network connection across a larger area.


Built-in programmable siren: Almond 3’s integrated programmable siren turns it into a powerful home security system. WiFi triggers can auto-arm and disarm the system when authorized smartphones connect to or disconnect from the router. Wireless door, window, and motion sensors provide extra protection and peace of mind for homeowners. The siren can even be used as a doorbell.


Complete connectivity. Almond 3 is a smart home hub with a built-in ZigBee radio and support for Z-Wave and Bluetooth devices via external USB dongles. Like other Almond models it integrates seamlessly with Nest, Philips Hue, and many more smart devices.


Software Update: Mesh networking support for all recent Almond models Securifi will soon be updating the software for Almond 2015 and Almond+ routers to enable mesh networking. The company recently released an update that introduced new features for Almond routers, including seamless integration with the Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect, WiFi triggers, local control for better privacy and cloud-free access, and scenes for one-touch control. Almond routers are available for purchase at and at leading retailers across the U.S., Canada and the U.K. – including Amazon, Costco, Best Buy, Walmart, Office Depot, QVC and more.


Almond 3 and the mesh networking software update will be available in the coming months.Almond 3 will retail for $119.


Securifi is defining next generation consumer routers and home automation products. Creator of the world’s first touchscreen wireless router, the Almond, the company’s mission is to create premium, easy to use consumer electronics products and make them available at affordable prices. Securifi has offices in Reno, Dubai, Hyderabad and Taiwan. For more information,
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