Almond Guard - A New Way to Secure Your Home

Almond Guard - A New Way to Secure Your Home



The Future of Routers – Almond 3 Smart Home Wi-Fi System Now Available

Features Mesh Networking and Combines Smart Home Hub, Home Security System and Voice Control through Amazon Alexa — All into One Device. Also Introducing Smart Button — Almond Click to provide smart home control at fingertips.

RENO, NV – November 16, 2016 – Today, Securifi, a leading provider of devices in the connected home space, announced the availability of Almond 3, its Smart Home Wi-Fi System.

Almond 3 redefines the connected home by integrating a mesh router and a smart home hub. With Almond 3 homeowners get a device that provides seamless whole home Wi-Fi, a hub to control smart home devices, a built-in siren for home security, and voice control through Amazon Alexa – all in one device. Multiple Almond 3 units can be combined to create a powerful Wi-Fi network that eliminates dead zones across your home.

“Almond 3 continues the legacy of Almond, the world’s first easy to setup and attractive router that revolutionized the home Wi-Fi industry. The trail blazed by Almond is now being followed by players big and small. We take pride in yet again bringing innovation to the connected home by combining mesh, voice control AI and smart home hub, all in one device. Fast and reliable Wi-Fi is only just one of many things Almond 3 can do,” said Rammohan Malasani, CEO, Securifi.

Recognized by Popular Science as a 2016 Best of What’s New winner and the 2017 CES Innovation Awards for the Smart Home Category, Almond 3 comes standard with multiple features not available on any other Wi-Fi routers with mesh functionality.

Key competitive differentiators:

  1. Affordable, feature-rich: A 3-pack of Almond 3s is more affordable and more feature-rich than any other mesh router and any other smart home hub combined.
  2. First to integrate with Amazon Alexa: Almond 3’s integration with Alexa lets you use voice to control smart devices. "Alexa, tell Almond to block kids’ Wi-Fi" will block Wi-Fi to all devices labelled as kids’ devices. Similarly, the guest network can be enabled and disabled using voice commands.
  3. Smarthome hub: Wirelessly connect, monitor and control smart devices like the Nest thermostat, Amazon Echo, Philips Hue lights, and hundreds of other ZigBee devices including light bulbs, door and window sensors, locks, and much more.
  4. DIY home security system: Almond 3 is the world’s first router with a built-in siren. Simply add door, window, or motion sensors around your house for an easy and affordable home security system. The complete system with three sirens (each at 100 decibel) howling together can scare off any potential intruder.
  5. Ease of setup: Incredibly easy to set up using the Almond App and built-in touchscreen wizard.
  6. Local+Cloud control: Both Wi-Fi and Smart Home devices can be controlled locally (via the Almond app) without connecting to Cloud servers and even when the Internet is down.
  7. Almond rule engine and IFTTT integration: You can easily create complex automation workflows featuring multiple triggers that prompt multiple actions and also setup delays between actions. While Almond’s rule engine is powerful enough all on its own, the Almond Channel on IFTTT provides access to a wide range of third party services.

Almond App:

The Almond 3 Smart Home Wi-Fi System also comes with a free Almond companion app (iOS & Android) that lets you seamlessly control your Almond 3 and connected devices. Services like parental controls, sophisticated Wi-Fi device management, home automation and home security can be easily managed from the Almond app.

Internet Security features like tracking browsing history and monitoring bandwidth will be launched in the coming weeks.

Almond Click:

Alongside Almond 3, Securifi is also introducing a smart button, Almond Click, that can be paired with Almond to control all connected smart home devices, and will start shipping in December. Almond Click makes it easy to control smart devices, and eliminates the need to open an app every time you want to adjust something. It’s the most affordable solution on the market, with 3-pack costing just $50. It’s compact and portable that can be either stuck to a wall or even used as a keychain. With three actions — press, double press, long press — Almond Click offers some very compelling use cases:

  1. Use it to trigger a home automation rule — dim the lights, turn on the music, close the blinds — all with a single click.
  2. Use it as a door chime in combination with the built-in siren. Is baby sleeping and you don’t want a loud ring? Create a rule to flash your smart lights when Almond Click is pressed.
  3. Use it as a panic button to send notifications.
  4. Use it as a two-way switch to control a light bulb from multiple locations.
  5. Use it with the Almond Channel on IFTTT to send a tweet or invite your friends over for coffee.

Pricing and availability:

The Almond 3 Smart Home Wi-Fi System is available today at and Finished in classic black or elegant white, customers can purchase a single Almond 3 for $149.99 or a bundle of three for $399.99.

3-pack Almond Click is available for pre-order on for $29.99.


Securifi has been redefining next generation consumer routers since 2012. After changing the Wi-Fi game with Almond – the world’s first easy-to-use and attractive router, Securifi is turning the humble home router into a Wi-Fi, security and smarthome platform. Our mission is to create affordable Wi-Fi and smart home products for the masses.



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