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Almond 3 - Now with first ever IoT Security solution!

A Security Bundle for a Safe Home

All that you need to set up a simple home alert system

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Home Security bundled up to make your life easier, now at a Discounted Price

Our new Security Bundle is a perfect solution for you to start securing your Home . We have bundled up everything that you would need to set up a simple home alert system and self monitor your home. You could even set it up to automatically arm and disarm itself using our free Almond App.We also have a nice pictorial guide to help you set up everything. Still apprehensive?? Well, we have a 30 day Money Back Guarantee just in case. But we are sure our bundle is a keeper!

Included in this bundle

Almond 2015

This router also doubles up as the heart of the security system

Door/Window Sensors

Know when your doors or windows open

Motion Detector

Detect intruders or unexpected motion events

Peanut Plug

Remotely turn on/off lights to make your home appear occupied

One Bundle, Many Possibilities

Know when doors or windows open. Detect intruders or unexpected motion events. Remotely turn on/off lights to make your home appear occupied. And you can always add more sensors in the future and extend the system.

A Secure Home at your Fingertips

Our Security Bundle is so easy to set-up that you wouldn’t need a third party installer. Call it your DIY Home Security project! What more? With our Almond app, you can monitor your Home from anywhere.Home security is literally in your palm now.

Less Hassle, More Security with Auto Arm/Disarm

With the auto arm/disarm feature available on Almond 2015 hub, you never need to arm the system. One less thing to bother everyday. Set-it up once and forget.

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